The Southern Oncology SA clinic is located in Suite 501 on level 5 of the Flinders Private Hospital. We are situated one floor above the Chemotherapy Infusion Unit at Flinders Private Hospital, enabling simple and rapid access for patients to be seen by their oncologists and then receive their intravenous therapy on the same day. The infusion suite nurses are experienced and well trained in effective and safe chemotherapy delivery. Our FPH location facilitates a rapid and coordinated approach to multidisciplinary care. The hospital offers a full suite of surgical services including gynaecological oncology and is supported by a world class ICU. Radiotherapy is provided to patients through the Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre based in FPH. Blood sampling is taken from patients on site. Emergency presentation and assessment is provided through the Flinders Medical Centre Emergency Department, with subsequent rapid access to FPH for patients that hold private medical insurance. Continuity of care is provided by the medical oncologist that is principally involved in patent management.

Our Services

Southern Oncology SA provides a patient focussed specialist medical oncology service.....

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Who we are

Southern Oncology is a private oncology service affiliated with Flinders Private Hospital..

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The Southern Oncology SA clinic is located in suite 501 on level 5 of the Flinders Private Hospital...

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